“Arabic is an extremely rich language; it has various vernaculars and distinctive calligraphic structures and styles,”  

Says Hasan Al Nabooda, an Emirati history specialist and a senior member of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at UAE ­University, in a meeting about the Arabic language’s origins. 

1- High demand for the language in the western world 

2- 5th most spoken language 

3- Learn about the 2nd largest religion in the world 

4- The fast-growing trade market 
5- Living in an Arab neighborhood becomes easier   

6- Easy to learn and helps in learning other languages 

7- Help contribute to intercultural understanding 

8- Become an ambassador 

9- A variety of travel options 
10- Offers a better understanding of Arabic culture 

11- Arabic speakers a highly paid 

12- Gain skills to communicate with mid-eastern countries

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